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Trapped on a mysterious spaceship, the only way to escape is to survive. A thrilling novel from the Hugo and Nebula award-winning Greg Bear.

A starship hurtles through the emptiness of space. Its destination - unknown. Its purpose? A mystery. Its history? Lost.

Now, one man wakes up. Ripped from a dream of a new home, a new planet and the woman he was meant to love in his arms, he finds himself wet, naked, and freezing to death. The dark halls are full of monsters but trusting other survivors he meets might be the greater danger.

All he has are questions: Who is he? Where are they going? What happened to the dream of a new life? What happened to the woman he loved? What happened to Hull 03?

All will be answered, if he can survive. Uncover the mystery. Fix the ship. Find a way home.

HULL ZERO THREE is an edge of your seat thrill-ride through the darkest reaches of space, from one of the genre's biggest names. Perfect for fans of Arthur C. Clarke's RAMA or the film EVENT HORIZON.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
17 March

Customer Reviews

Sap66 ,

A good read from a high quality author

I've read most of Greg Bear's earlier books but not much of his recent stuff. Hull 03 isn't Eon or Forge of God, which I suggest you read first, but it is well worth reading. I look forward to a second in the series.

ISGerrard ,

Hull Zero Three

Extremely disappointing. Vaguely using the same basis storyline as Brian Aldiss' Non-Stop (1958) it's not a patch on that book. Boringly convoluted and overly-descriptive to the point of incomprehensibility I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's a good job it's not the first Greg Bear I've ever read (I've read most of his output) or I'd never bother reading another.

daveboyl ,

Hull zero Three

I've beer reading Greg Bears' books for years and I feel this one isn't up to his usual standard, maybe because so much of it is written in the first person. Overall brilliant concept as with all Bear books, just didn't hook me in like his other stories.
Read Anvil of God and you'll see how brilliant Greg Bear is

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