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Reality unravels in ways unimaginable

Jacked into the construct and primed for combat, Pterax is on a desperate mission to save his capital ship. On his approach to the enemy Dreadnought, the commanding voice returns.
Can he resist its demands or will he succumb to its bidding, and cause reality to unravel in ways unimaginable?

Hypercage is a cyberpunk techno-thriller that features gripping and tense action, dark and vivid horror and a slice of future technology.
This novella is the first instalment in Craig Lea Gordon's Instant Reality series.

Fiction & Literature
August 29
Craig Lea Gordon

Customer Reviews

Bex2BR02B ,

Exciting sci-fi that delivers

Craig Lea Gordon’s novelette Hypercage begins in a whirl of gripping sci-fi action as the reader is transported with no preamble into a frenetic and breathless space battle. This impressive opener soon makes way for a change in gear as the narrative breaks off and scampers away down another path. It’s difficult to say much more without giving too much away, and I’m not sure how much the author would want revealed. What I can say is that there is a very enjoyable level of playfulness in this story.

We meet the main character at a time in his life where things could be better. He spends most of his time in his own head and the addictive qualities of a method of keeping him there start to become problematic, especially in relation to his wife and child. As he faces his conflicted feelings to the situation he finds himself unable to fully process what is happening to him. Outside influences that may have agendas at odds with his own begin to converge unnoticed. By the end, which is written with great enthusiasm and skilful suspense, we are left agog.

The sci-fi world of Hypercage is one of a near future, technologically a step up but recognisable in its rituals and practical concerns. There are some cool details and small descriptions that add to the sense that the backdrop is a living one.

Entertaining sci-fi that is engaging from the off, and delivers on action, chills and tension.

I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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