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Humanity is a single biological species but has split into two different mental species labelled Mythos and Logos. The Mythos species is driven by emotional stories, not by facts, evidence or rational arguments. Christians believe that the all-powerful Creator of the universe, rather than simply sort out Earth’s problems, chose to be born of a 14-year-old Jewish “virgin”, have himself arrested by the Romans and crucified, then resurrect himself, while taking great care to be seen only by his most fanatical supporters and not by anyone who didn’t believe in him. The Jews believe that Moses went up a mountain and received two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments, written by God’s fiery finger. The Muslims believe that the illiterate “prophet” Mohammed went into a cave and had the Word of God dictated to him by the Angel Gabriel.

These are all staggeringly far-fetched claims, more or less comically absurd, that would surely require the strongest possible evidence before anyone could take them seriously. Yet they are not supported by any facts or evidence at all, and they wholly contradict reason. You are required to have “faith” in them.

The Enlightenment – the Age of Reason – was when a new human mental species came to the fore – Logos humanity. It was born in ancient Greece but proved unable to beat the endarkened forces of faith. Its hour finally came when reason gained traction in the world through the unarguable success of science. However, only a fraction of the human race benefited from the Enlightenment. Most of the world is as benighted as ever, locked into Mythos and faith. Islam has had no Enlightenment and continues to reject more or less all knowledge generated since the appearance of the Koran. Who needs knowledge when you have the “infallible truth” written by God himself?

Another force of irrationalism has now conquered the world. It’s not a religious Mythos but an economic Mythos – free-market capitalism. Its advocates have absolute faith that irrational markets reflecting ineradicable selfishness and self-interest generate an “invisible hand” (i.e. God or, more accurately, Mammon) that miraculously resolves all of the problems of the world.

Even scientific materialism is a Mythos – the sensory Mythos – which asserts that “rational unobservables”, undetectable by the senses, simply cannot exist. Thus science, though it's based on mathematics, irrationally accepts only the “positive real numbers” subset of mathematics while rejecting imaginary numbers entirely, barely tolerating negative real numbers and absolutely forbidding zero and infinity. Scientists provide no sufficient reason why reality should miraculously choose to be expressed only through positive real numbers, and that all other numbers are somehow unreal and fantastical.

HyperHumanity is the upgrade of Logos humanity that advocates Hyperrationalism. The next Great Age will be that of Hyperreason when Mythos is finally cast down. Abrahamism and free-market capitalism will both fall. Moreover, the half-baked, incomplete, irrational subset of mathematics known as scientific materialism will also perish, and be replaced by ontological mathematics.

The Ultimate Enlightenment – the Age of Hyperreason – led by higher humanity (the HyperHumans) will power humanity ahead to a Star Trek future where we travel the physical galaxies in starships, and thence to mental galaxies that we traverse in vessels of the purest light.

“Old” Humanity, stuck in its irrational Mythos past, will become extinct. The future is about the new human race – HyperHumanity. Do you belong to the Illuminated Ones, the Shining Ones, the Divine Ones, or are you on your knees to some story-book God, an irrational market or irrational devotion to your physical senses?

HyperHumanity is not here to help Old Humanity. It is here to replace it! We are the true human race, that which seeks to claim its rightful prize – divinity.

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May 2
Mike Hockney

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