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Hypnotizing His Sissy Boy: The Complete Series is 20,100 words.

Hypnotizing His Sissy Boy 1

Ben's roommate refuses to clean, and Ben has had enough. His parents are coming tomorrow and he needs to make sure everything is ready. Then he gets the idea that maybe he can control his roommate's mind and make him do all the cleaning. It's a silly idea, but he has to try something. When he finally gets control, though, he finds that his roommate is more arousing than he initially thought. He has to have him.

Hypnotizing His Sissy Boy 2

Ben is worried that Carter is going to catch on as to what's going on, and needs for everyone to just forget. Unfortunately, the store he bought the original potion from is now non-existent. When Carter comes to, Ben has to take desperate measures to keep his sissy boy under control. He needs for Carter to continue pleasing him.

Hypnotizing His Sissy Boy 3

Carter still doesn't know that Ben has been taking over his mind with the help of a potion, and turning him into his sissy boy. The two roommates go out to relax and get some beers. Ben figures it's a good backstory for Carter's oncoming blackout. This time he uses less potion, though, and the consequences are dire.

Hypnotizing His Sissy Boy 4

The secret is out. Carter knows that Ben has been taking advantage of him, but he can't quite place how it's happening. Ben has to make up an excuse in hopes that Carter will buy it. Otherwise, he'll have to take over his mind again in hopes that it'll last a bit longer. Either way, he needs to keep Carter as his sissy boy. It's the only thing he desires.

Hypnotizing His Sissy Boy 5

Ben needs to find a way to keep his sissy boy under his control. With all of the mind control potion gone, he makes one last ditch effort to see if there is anything left at the abandoned magic shop. He just has to hope that his sissy doesn't regain control, and that they don't get caught.

Hypnotizing His Sissy Boy 6

In the final installment of the series, Ben has to give his sissy one last dose of the mind control potion to make it permanent, but Carter's friend is ruining everything. There's too much at stake, and if Ben is delayed any longer then Carter might regain control of his mind, which would spell disaster for Ben.

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April 25
James Hardick

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