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Constance is a straight-laced, conservative politician. Her hobbies include being a good American, yelling at her staff, and fighting gay rights.

Her new intern is shocked at the congresswoman's blatant homophobia. And she isn't going to put up with it for long.

See, not only is the new intern a lesbian, but she's also an expert hypnotist. It's all too easy for her to turn Constance into a lesbian bimbo!

WARNING: This 4500+ word story contains mind control, bimbification, and steamy lesbian sex. For adults only!

Hadley smiles at me, her pink lips curving upwards. “Being a lesbian isn't so bad. Maybe you should try it.”

“Try it?” Now I’m simply confused. “Are you coming on to me?”

Her gaze sweeps up and down my body. “Not now,” she says. “Not yet. You’re straight right now. It wouldn’t be much fun.”

There’s something about her, now that I know she’s a lesbian. Her smile looks different. Less simple, more seductive.

She’s still fresh-faced, but her innocence has disappeared. I’m not sure if it was ever there to begin with. Perhaps it was just an act that she was putting on to conceal her inner perversions.

She did well at it. I never in my wildest dreams suspected she was one of them. Even when she was leaping to the defense of the gays, she never dropped a hint that she was a rug-munching sicko herself.

I should be kicking her out of my office right now, but she’s being so mysterious that I have to ask what she means.

“First I have to turn you into a lesbian,” she says. “Then I'll come on to you.”

Fiction & Literature
July 2
Bebe Lix

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