I Can Still Drive at Night I Can Still Drive at Night

I Can Still Drive at Night

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This is a true story of a man who after over 50 years of a happy marriage, lost his spouse to cancer after a long battle. Within a very short time, single women who had been his wife's friends were inviting him to come to dinner. All of them, stated that his wife was their friend and was worried if she passed on before him, he would not take care of himself and go hungry. Since he was in his 70's, the opening question was, "Can you drive at night?". The book deals with the humorous way he avoided entanglements. Eventually, somebody new came into his life and when he related what had been happening, together they interviewed over 250 people. These people were all over the age of 60 and were single. They were male and female, widows, widowers, divorcees, and never married. In addition, they were of all persuasions; homosexual, heterosexual, african american, asian, caucasian and mid-eastern. In addition, 7 focus groups of both male and female critiqued the book and gave it high praise. It has been reviewed by many educators, members of the medical profession and active business leaders whose favorable comments are to be found in the body of the book. They all agreed that this book done in a light-hearted fashion touches everybody's heart. The book's conclusion is that humans being the social animals they are, no one wants to be alone.

29 July
Sheldon Saltman

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