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"I have diabetes. Now what?" is a unique handbook for type 2 diabetes. It gives a concise and easy to read explanation into the various aspects of diabetes, especially if you are a new diabetic. It is intended as a one-stop shop for all the basic questions one may have. It explores the subjects of epidemiology, defining diabetes, diagnosing diabetes, complications, diet, exercise, medications, testing, standards of care, impact on lifestyle, financial impact, other impacting health conditions and frequently asked questions. Each chapter has a short list of highlights to describe to you its contents. Most people feel overwhelmed, anxious and afraid when diagnosed with diabetes. This book helps you to understand your fears and how to combat them with knowledge. This book helps you to understand the impact of your diet on caring for your diabetes. It also helps you to understand how your medication works so that you get a better understanding of the vital role medication has in your overall control. You will understand how and why exercise is vital is the overall care of diabetes. You will learn the tests that your primary care provider or specialist will use to assess the control and status of your diabetes. You will learn what preventive tests and screenings are needed to prevent health complications from diabetes. A lot of diabetes books try to tell you how to get rid of your diabetes, but they are playing on your emotions and are not giving you the straight story. Diabetes cannot be “gotten rid of” but with proper knowledge, it most certainly can be controlled well enough for you to enjoy a full and joyful life.

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June 10
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