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A one-woman media phenomenon and a leading YouTube influencer takes readers behind the camera, and deep inside her world.

Justine Ezarik has been tech-obsessed since unboxing her family’s first Apple computer. By sixth grade she had built her first website. A decade later, she became one of the Internet’s first—and most popular—“lifecasters,” inviting people around the world to watch her every move, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. But it was a one-minute video about an itemized AT&T bill that gave Justine her first taste of viral success: Within ten days of release, her “300-page iPhone bill” had garnered more than 3 million views and international media attention. These days, iJustine is a one-woman new media phenomenon: The popular techie, gamer, vlogger, and digital influencer has an army of nearly 3.5 million subscribers across multiple YouTube channels, with total views approaching half a billion.

Now, Justine is giving friends and fans a look behind the scenes, sharing never-before-told stories about the hilarious (and sometimes heartbreaking) reality of sharing your life online. With her trademark wit and delightfully weird sense of humor, Justine delivers an inspirational message in support of creativity, entrepreneurship, and the power of staying true to yourself, while reminding readers that the Internet is a very small world—you just never know who you’re going to meet.

June 2
Atria/Keywords Press

Customer Reviews

Blakewoo2006 ,

Only have the audio

It was amazing I would 1000000% recommended it you are the best IJ

richwill1990 ,


A must read for fans of Justine ezarik

_AdamRoberts ,

Inspiring and entertaining, loved every minute!

I thoroughly enjoyed I, Justine: An Analog Memoir. What made this really special for me was that, Justine read her book to me. That was a nice touch.

I first noticed Justine's videos on YouTube years ago, the first video I watched was her dancing in an Apple Store. That brightened my day, it's funny because I've done random stuff like that, just never YouTube'd it.

I used to watch her videos regularly about five or six years ago. Recently I started watching them again and noticed that Justine has wrote a book. I bought her audiobook yesterday and this is my review.

This audiobook covers, her love of technology and how she got into tech. A lot of the stories that she shares when growing up, I can relate to; we had similar experiences with early stage tech. Although, I had an Amiga growing up and my first Apple computer was about 8 years ago.

It was inspiring to listen to her talking about building websites and learning to program. She's very smart and has a wide range of talents, such as coding, graphic design, video editing, acting, and to top it off is extremely creative and fun. Who knows what the future holds for her, whatever happens will sure be amazing.

This book is filled with stories of adventures that Justine has had with her friends and how she became famous accidentally by posting a video of her 300 page phone bill online.

I love watching her videos, which is amazing really, as I don't watch TV. Justine covers a variety of topics on her videos, such as reviewing new technology, playing games, and trying new random ways to cook food.

Buy this book and watch her videos online, you won't be disappointed.