I Know How to Set Goals so Why Don't I Achieve Them‪?‬

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Millions of people set goals every year, only to fall short of achieving them (if they ever begin at all) over and over again. There are scores of books on how to set goals, but few if any that deal what to do when your best laid plans never materialize.

In this cutting-edge book by Dr. Nick Hall, I Know How to Set Goals, So Why Don't I Achieve Them?, you'll learn the latest in neuroscience and psychology on how to make sure you reach every goal you set.

In order to achieve goals, you must begin by removing, or at least minimizing, potential impediments to success. There are many, however, the most crippling are those that reside within your mind. Granted, changes in the economy, the actions of others, and unexpected obstacles can derail even the most worthy plans despite the best intentions. But they pale in comparison to the impact your thoughts have. That's because you don't respond to reality. You respond to a mental image of reality. It is the image that gives rise to emotion, which in turn will motivate you to approach or avoid.

We tend to approach those things associated with positive emotions such as love and joy, and avoid those linked with negative emotions such as disgust and sadness. In addition, the image is driving the endocrine and autonomic nervous system pathways, which provide the biological foundation of the entire stress response. This is important to understand because it enables you to always have control over the impact events have upon your mental and physical well-being.

You can't always control external events. But after reading this book, you'll learn that you can always exert a measure of control over your perception of those events.

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6 November
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