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In 2013, a series of high-profile court cases sent shockwaves through the West Midlands town of Telford.

Seven men, all from the town’s Pakistani heritage community, were jailed for selling vulnerable young girls for sex.

The convictions made national news, but for one girl the chilling headlines were all too real. Holly Archer was just fourteen when her life changed forever after becoming embroiled in a frightening web of exploitation and abuse. Enduring countless violent rapes and death threats, she was forced to sleep with several men a night. As her abusers’ grip tightened, she fell into despair, twice becoming pregnant. Hours after her last GCSE exam, Holly took an overdose in a desperate attempt to end the nightmare that had become her life.

Her escape eventually came when, old enough to leave home, she fled to Birmingham. She moved house every six months, fearing her abusers would hunt her down. She eventually found the strength to return to Telford shortly after giving birth to a daughter, around the same time the police launched an investigation into the exploitation of young girls in the town. She underwent hours of rigorous police interviews but in the end decided she could not face her abusers in court.

Nonetheless, seven men were convicted of sex offences and jailed as a result of the investigation. Holly slowly began to pick up the pieces of her life and was given a job with a rape prevention charity. Having survived her ordeal, she now tells her full, shocking story for the first time.

I Never Gave My Consent is a courageous yet uplifting memoir of someone who faced the cruelest of circumstances. Perfect for readers of Cathy Glass

July 28
Simon & Schuster UK

Customer Reviews

LaneM23 ,

Anyone working with CSS should read!!

A moving insight into the dark world that lurks beneath the surface. As someone who grew up in Telford and recognised names an place’s this book showed me how close to home crimes like these are. You are an extremely brave woman Holly and your story makes my determination burn hot to do my job as a career to the best of my ability. Thank you.

The Beetle. ,

I never gave my consent

This is a great book. I couldn't stop reading because it just gripped me! How awful it must have been for this young girl but now hopefully this book will help other young girls whom perhaps are having similar problems. Very sad, very moving, great book.

Troll face😜 ,


Hope you have found your happiness Holly..