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When you're crushing on a vamp, who happens to be a tramp, it's time to practice safe hex.

When the Rogue Magic Control Agency is tasked with security for a secret meeting between the Midwest's vampire king and the Baba Yaga, witch Drag Jones is bummed that the mission is so boring. Walk the perimeter. Make sure there are no traps. Don't stake any bloodsuckers. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Turns out, vampires are sneakier than she could have ever guessed, and their powers don't register on her magic-sensing radar. And one, in particular, a gorgeous smart-ass named Baz, has her rethinking celibacy. She can't decide if she wants to stake him or kiss him. Given the right motivation, she might do both. 

Vampire Baz Delgados is ninth in line to the Ravenblood throne, and head of security for the king, his older brother. When Baz first spots the pink-haired cutie in combat boots, he can't take his eyes off her. Something about the beautiful witch sings to his undead soul.

Unfortunately, an ancient enemy threatens not only the burgeoning new alliance between vampires and witches but also the lives of everyone Baz and Drag love. They must work together to fight this new evil, or they'll lose everything … including each other.

21 October
Renee George

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TheresaDerwin ,

Witch and Vamp War

I Want Your Hex
Hex Drive Book 3: Magic and Mayhem
Author: Renee George
Publisher: Renee George (21 Oct. 2019)
Page count: 111pp
Release date: 21st October 2019
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

A year or so ago, prolific Paranormal author Robyn Peterman created and wrote in the ‘Magic and Mayhem’ universe - a world in which Baba Yaga wears bad 70s disco clothes and shifters are real.
The series became so popular, it spurned a sort of spin-off series; authorised fan fiction written by popular PNR writers, including Renee George.
In the ‘Hex Drive’ spin-off-spin-off (ooh my head hurts!) focuses around the RMCA (Rogue Magic Control Agency); think FBI for magic criminals.
The last novel saw a fake island wedding and plots to take over the world, with a romantic version of ‘The Odd Couple’ thrown in for good measure.
In this third novel, the RMCA is tasked with running security for a conference between the Baba Yaga and the vampire king.
Drag, a character we met in the last book, is on security detail and bored out of her mind.
Unfortunately she finds her celibacy threatened along with the conference attendees! She’s unreasonably attracted to vampire Baz (ninth in line to the Ravenblood throne)
Pink-haired witch with attitude Drag, has to work with Baz to secure an alliance between the two factions and deal with any threats - and there are plenty of those to go round.
Of course it doesn’t take more than five minutes for the threats to emerge, the action and comedy to start, and Baz and Drag to get thrown together.
As usual, you can expect a great deal of banter, conflict and teasing between Baz and Drag, which makes the tension and chemistry between them sizzle.
Which is great, because so far, she has t had much luck in the romance department.
In this one we also see Time Bomb again, Crag’s BBF - Bear Best Friend. Yes, he’s a loveable bear shifter and I expect we’ll see him soon in another book.
As the series title suggests, there is a hell of a lot of magic and mayhem, but these are quick, fun reads inside a great expansive universe.
Great fun

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