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Sometimes I think that if I’d found a way to talk, we’d be together now…’

When Helen finds a bundle of unsent love letters, tied with a red ribbon, and signed only ‘the love you wished I could be’, she wonders who they could belong to.

The same day, however, her husband Alex announces he’s leaving. She’d believed their love would last a lifetime, but now he’s gone and she hadn’t even realised there was anything wrong.

Desperate to understand, Helen doesn’t know where to look for answers. But the letters keep drawing her back. As she reads the words of loneliness, loss and regret, something in them helps her start to make sense of it all… Even as she realises someone has been keeping heart-breaking secrets.

But who do the letters belong to? Can the sender ever be reunited with the one they love, or is it too late? And when Helen finds out the truth about Alex, can she find it in her heart to forgive him, or will he never be the love she wished he could be?

An emotional, unmissable read, exploring the devastation of loss, the power of love to heal, and the truths that bind us all together. Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes, Diane Chamberlain and Daniela Sacerdoti.

Readers love I Wanted to Tell You:

‘This novel is an absolutely beautiful read and is full of insight, empathy and love. I haven’t enjoyed a novel so much for ages. It totally enthralled me… An exceptionally good read and an all-round 5* review from me. Unmissable.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘Wow!!... Powerful… Amazing and beautifully written!!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

A cut above. So beautifully written… I feel it was a perfect time for me to read it. It shouted out to me as I turned the pages, enveloping me in the story, which at times seemed like it was talking about me or people I know.’ StefLoz Book Blog, 5 stars

What a fabulous novel!!!... Oh my goodness, I Wanted To Tell You just tugged at my heartstrings!... This was such a beautiful novel… Anna Mansell’s imagery, dialogue, and emotion in this novel is outstanding… Happy, funny, sad, regretful, and hopeful all wrapped up into one incredible package… Bravo the incredibly talented and honest Anna Mansell for this beautiful novel that… will remain fresh in my mind and heart for quite some time.’ Dandelions Inspired


‘A book that will touch your heart from beginning to end.’ Cennins Book Reviews, 5 stars

Loved the book!! It was beautifully written and dealt with love and loss... I shed a few tears… Definitely recommend the book. I loved everything about it – the story, characters and writing style.’ Goodreads reviewer

What an emotional read! I was really touched by the stories of the couples involved. It was sad at times but very moving. Very well written too.’ Netgalley Reviewer, 5 stars

‘The whole story is laced through with humour and love. I've rarely read such an honest novel. It seemed so personal. And, for me, that's what made it shine. Five beautiful stars!’ Shalini Boland, 5 stars

‘So fulfilling, multi layered, truly insightful and heartfelt that you can't simply read this and not be utterly moved by its words , thoughts, and emotions.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘This was emotional and riveting. It really pulled at my heart strings. I cried so much! I didn’t want to put it down!’ Netgalley Reviewer, 5 stars

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November 29

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