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"We have shifted so far from consuming a whole food, plant-based diet. The array of highly processed and refined food options created to appeal to our senses coupled with our hectic lifestyles have not helped either. It takes a real mind-set change to go against the grain and take charge of our lives, but it is possible and more than worth it.” Nicola Burgher

In this edition, registered public health nutritionist Nicola Burgher explains exactly what The Creator’s Diet is and why she believes it is the diet we should be consuming for health. She encourages the reader to regain control through a renewed mind-set and by applying seven simple dietary and lifestyle principles. An author, public speaker and media spokesperson, Nicola teaches us why going back to consuming a diet rich in whole, plant-based foods is one of the simplest, cost-effective ways we can benefit our personal health. 

With practical tips and meal options The Creator’s Diet Explained simplifies healthy eating and takes us back to the basics in food and dietary principles. In these pages, you’ll learn:

• The role of a healthy diet in helping to maintain health

• The seven foundational principles of The Creator’s Diet 

• The foods you really should be consuming for health

• What the ‘¼,¼,½’ rule is and how to use it

• How to effortlessly change from a diet rich in highly processed and refined foods to one rich in whole foods 

If you are serious about your health and the role diet can play, then The Creator’s Diet Explained is the book for you.

Health & Well-Being
March 2
Pneuma Springs Publishing

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