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Martin Robinson’s Curriculum: Athena versus the machine explores the educational value of a curriculum rooted in the pursuit of wisdom – and advocates the enshrinement of such a curriculum as the central concern of an academic institution.

Rather than being seen as a data-driven machine, a school should be viewed as a place that enables children to develop thoughtful perspectives on the world, through which they can pursue wisdom and be free to join in with the ancient and continuing conversation: ‘What is it to be human?’

Teachers need to be liberated from policy-led prescription in order to design curricula which bring the subjects being studied, rather than the blind pursuit of measurable outcomes, to the foreground of the school’s teaching and learning agenda.

In Curriculum, Martin Robinson explores how this can be achieved.

The Machine demands data, order and regulation; Athena is the goddess of philosophy, courage and inspiration. An Athena curriculum celebrates wisdom and skills, and considers why it seeks to transmit the knowledge that it does. In this book, Martin examines how we can construct a curriculum that will allow liberal education to flourish.

Anti gimmick and pro wisdom, the principles that he advocates will make a big difference to teachers’ and pupils’ lives, and will help to ensure that our young adults are better educated.

Suitable for teachers, school leaders and policy makers.

Contents include: Part I: The Machine. 1. The Knowledge-Rich Curriculum; 2. Social Mobility; 3. The Single Vision; 4. The Singularity; 5. Input–Output; 6. The Teacher; 7. Performance Management; 8. Science and Scientism; Part II: Athena. 9. Bringing the Human Back In; 10. Knowledge and Understanding; 11. What Is a School For?; 12. Educating for Freedom; 13. To the Things Themselves!; 14. The Phenomenological Curriculum; 15. Making Meaning.

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