Easy Interval Method

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(Attention: original English hard copy version was published in 2019. This eBook is the updated and extended version of end 2022, published January 2023! The hard copy book - for sale elsewhere - has also been updated and is the same as this eBook.)

As a runner are you tired of long, slow runs and/or hard interval sessions? Do you often feel sluggish and flat? Not improving anymore on your personal best times? Interested in a training approach that is lighter, more efficient and has helped many athletes run faster – even after years of stagnation? If so, the Easy Interval Method may be just the book for you!

Written by Klaas Lok, a 24-time Dutch national champion (on the cover in front of Steve Ovett, former WR holder and Olympic champion), the Easy Interval Method (EIM) challenges many of the usual training protocols and guidelines associated with distance running. Limiting long runs and very hard sessions in favour of relaxed, easy interval training, Klaas presents a strong and intriguing case to get athletes moving smoother, stronger and faster. Many athletes of all abilities have commented on better recovery, less fatigue, feeling fitter, fewer injuries… and – for most – rejuvenation and (renewed) enjoyment in their running.

In the book you will learn why trying to copy the schedules of world-class runners doesn’t work for most average runners. In a unique way, the EIM changes most of the aerobic long runs and hard interval sessions into relaxed interval training, which turns out to be a lighter, more efficient way to train. The Easy Interval Method is an all-round approach which revolves around training the skeletal muscular system for the specific demands placed on them, while also targeting aerobic endurance. This is contrary to many traditional ideas that mainly focus on just building the aerobic system. The effects of this training approach have been an eye-opening revelation for many runners.

The Easy Interval Method contains detailed schedules for all distances from 800m to marathon. Using the principles described in this book, elite athletes have won many Dutch titles, set several national and World Masters records and even won Olympic and World championship medals. More casual runners have also surprised themselves by greatly improving their personal best times.

In a special chapter, top USA masters athlete and WR record breaker, Dan King, reveals nine weeks (build-up, pre- and race season) of his striking combination of cross training with EIM.

When you purchase the book, you can become a member of the Facebook group 'Easy Interval Method'. There you will find valuable information from experienced EIM-runners and read how they fared, how they composed some special EIM sessions based on their personal abilities, how they combined their EIM running with cross training and much more! After your purchase, request membership and join in with the discussions or your questions.

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Klaas Lok