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Is your Facebook page a threat to national security? What about your momma’s address? Only while deployed in service to our country can you completely let your appearance go . . . and receive no less than five marriage proposals. Many books have been written about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but few touch on the day-to-day lives of deployed service members, especially in a lighthearted manner that is enjoyable to read and share with others. Paul Smith and Kristina Smith set out to rectify this oversight with The Ultimate Deployment Guidebook.

Smith and Smith (no relation) met in Afghanistan during their deployment in 2010-2011, where they started joking about the various lifestyle changes necessary overseas. Their conversations led to the creation of this book, with two very different military/contracting backgrounds forming a truly unique view of overseas tours.

The authors tossed aside military jargon and acronyms and filled the resulting vacuum with insights into military deployments (most of them with a humorous twist). Smith and Smith relied upon their personal experiences as veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, together with observations from other service members, to create a guidebook rich with funny and helpful stories, useful tips, and accessible content. Get the lowdown on living conditions (shower etiquette 101), chow time (how many ways can chicken be prepared, anyway?), and the locals (is that a riot or a celebration?). Prepare with a pre-deployment checklist and create a financial plan for your time overseas. This unique book also includes a list of organizations that support deployed service members, a list of suggested care package items with mailing tips, and many other helpful suggestions to make life more enjoyable and meaningful while our loved ones serve and defend the country we love.

Lighthearted and accessible, The Ultimate Deployment Guidebook appeals to a broad audience, including family members who have loved ones deployed overseas. It is a “must-read book” for the first-time deployed, civilian contractors, family and friends of service members, and anyone who has ever wondered about everyday life for service members in a theater of conflict.

19 November
Savas Beatie