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From New York Times Bestseller, Corinne Michaels, comes a sexy, heartwarming standalone romance novel.

My life was perfect - until a shocking tragedy pulled the rug out from underneath me. 

My children were left without a father. I was without a husband and a provider. Instead of wallowing in my grief, I buried myself in my work at Dovetail Enterprises. Landing the promotion as the CEO’s right hand was exactly what I needed. 

Getting saddled with Milo Huxley as an assistant is exactly the opposite. 

I can’t stand him. 

He’s arrogant, irresponsible, and out for my job. As if that’s not bad enough, he has to be devastatingly sexy, and have a posh English accent that makes me squirm on top of it all. I’ve had enough unpredictability for one lifetime, thank you. 

But soon enough, we’re fighting less and laughing more. He’s there for me when no one else is. And those good looks aren’t the only panty-dropping thing about him. 

If I only knew what to do about it....

28 January

Customer Reviews

LoulouR5 ,

Best one of the series!

Do you want a book that's going to put a smile on your face and leave you content?
Do you want a story that is emotionally charged, full of romance and heat?
A story that's about strong family bonds, and friendships that go above all the rest?
Well this book (and in fact this whole series of standalones) is the one you NEED in your life!

We have come to the final book in the series, and personally I think Corinne saved the BEST UNTIL LAST!!! Dannielle and Milo's story is simply wonderful.

Danielle is at a point in her life where she wants to move on with her career and her life in general. She's been concentrating on her children who are growing up, but still need her, yet she needs to support them following the death of her husband. When she is offered the absolute perfect job within the firm she works for, she cannot possibly refuse.

Milo Huxley...! We know a little about him if you have read the previous books, and know that he is not the most reliable of guys. Younger brother of Callum, all of a sudden he appears and wants to claim the job he believes is rightfully his. Only trouble is, Callum has already given it to Danielle.

The tension between these two was strong, but before long that tension and hate soon turns to a lot more as their physical connection becomes a lot stronger as the characters get to know each other more and more.

With Milo dealing with a lot of emotional stuff and learning to find his place in the world, plus with Dannielle still ensuring she has to keep her children as her top priority, their journey was full of angst. I absolutely fell IN LOVE with Milo! He was simply amazing... his relation ship with Dannielle's children was swoon-worthy. I enjoyed how his relationship with his brother slowly developed too.

With Dannielle and Milo both fighting for their rightful places within the company, who will come out on top? And is someone going to get left behind after all is done?

Emotional yet with a superb thread of humour throughout, the writing is perfect. This is an absolute must-read story from one of my favourite authors!!

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