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Discover the monstrous realm of Ikoria in this thrilling story, inspired by Magic: The Gathering's card set Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths!

Lukka is a proud captain of the Coppercoats, the elite military force that defends Drannith from the savage monsters lurking outside its city walls. For the Coppercoats, the only good monster is a dead monster. Lukka's world is forever altered when he unexpectedly forms a mystical connection with a ferocious, winged cat. But such bonds are high crimes in Drannith, punishable by death. Running for his life, Lukka flees the very home he was sworn to protect. Now an outcast monster "bonder," Lukka must survive the wilds of Ikoria while being ruthlessly hunted by his former brothers-in-arms, including the sadistic General Kudro. With help from planeswalker Vivien Reid, can Lukka learn to tame his newfound powers before he wields vengeance--and an army of nightmarish monsters--against his beloved Drannith?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 7
Wizards of the Coast Publishing

Customer Reviews

Patrickd10 ,

Enjoyed this a lot!

Recently got back into playing Magic The Gathering and really enjoyed how this story linked some of the characters and themes of the Ikoria cards together. It brought the cards to life very well. Some good plot twists/character developments. Fight scenes written with suitable pace and energy. Some nice moments when characters had to choose between tricky options. One minor point of criticism was that sometimes a turn of phrase was used that is based in the real world, as oppose to the fantasy world eg: “around the block”. This jarred a bit as it broke the spell of creating a magic realm that the story is based in. Overall, really enjoyable.

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