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Destined to appeal to anyone with a passion for bikes, travel and adventure, In Search of Greener Grass is a fascinating account of the author’s adventurous travels by motorbike and his life as a whole. 

Written with a refreshing self disparaging, dry and cynical wit, this is part handbook – Graham’s journey is covered from the pitfalls of pedantic preparation to the dilemma of disposing of a bike with which Graham formed a deep bond on the way to journey’s end – and part life story, full of anecdotes and life enhancing realisations collected over a quarter century of travel on and off the road. 

Graham’s narrative is full of light-hearted but insightful observations, occasional wisdom and sporadic alcohol-fuelled inspiration. His account is a little rebellious, but generally defiant. The book describes the enlightenment he found, insecurities discovered, banter, babblings and bollocks that perhaps should have stayed inside the crash helmet. Riding east to Mongolia and then a bit further, discovering truths, doubting their accuracy and reassessing it all again. Graham rides into the semi-researched but mostly unknown, stops briefly before compulsively moving on again, deciding that contentment must be around the next corner, occasionally finding it and then missing it.

Travel & Adventure
April 11

Customer Reviews

Iwantw ,

Better than I expected

After finishing the latest offering from a well known truck mechanic, who also does a spot of road racing, I was searching for the next book to distract me from reality for a while. I read the free sample of Searching for Greener Grass and from the outset found the writing style appealing, and the points of view Mr Field expresses very similar to my own.
The book gives a plain account of a fantastic journey, which is brilliantly written, in such a way that every aspect of the journey, from the sights, to the emotions Field experiences are captured on the page, and most importantly for me it's an easy read.
Field is not only a good writer, but a down to earth biker in the true sense, and not a fashionable adventure motorcyclist that are all too common today.
I will certainly be looking out for his next book.

Captain John TP ,

Do it!

I've read tons of motorcycle travel books... and this is one of the best...

AranG ,

Inspiring: I want to do what he did!

A brilliant book!
Graham Field is a totally normal bloke who loves his motorbikes: just like so many of us. But unlike the rest of us, he turned the other way on the trip to the supermarket one morning, and ended up riding to Korea.
His book reflects the variety he encountered on his travels. And because he sometimes travelled in a little group, sometimes in a pair, and sometimes all on his own, the perspective of the trip is varied too. Both the introspection of the solo rider and the preoccupations of the group rider are mind sets that I recognise.
The open and honest manner of the book makes me feel like I shared the trip with the author. I can't wait to "accompany" him on his next trip!