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What does the bible say will happen ‘in the last days’. This statement appears eight times in the King James Version, but how does it explicate prophetic events. What do Jacob, Isaiah, Micah, Peter, Joel and the book of Hebrews say about the last days. How about the outpouring of the Spirit; when and where does this take place. What shall become of Israel in the future and what is the significance of the city of Jerusalem. Shall the Lord idly watch from above or will he intervene. Are we living in the last days and what shall become of the nations ‘In the Last Days’. Find out as we look through these passages as they relate to those things which shall come upon the earth.

Religion & Spirituality
August 21
Kevin Margolis

Customer Reviews

Sublime Grace 758 ,

In The Last Days by Kevin Margolis... Every Verse Bible Study Series.

What an all powerful inspirational booster for all persons; especially the Christian child of God. I say this because, unfortunately, there is much ignorance in The Body of Christ relating to such important matters.

This book and its Author, takes you through a journey of the bible. It is well explained enabling an understanding, that will prove to be the greatest gems, that one can have in these uncertain-times.

Should anyone disagree with the contents of this well explanatory bible based book, they would have to be Antichrist. Should anyone agree, then they are well on their way to the greatest journey of a lifetime. They will be opening themselves up to a life of abundant spiritual blessings, that surpass all natural understanding.

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