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Jeremy's life is turned upside down after meeting Roman, a mysterious man, at a costume themed club. What will happen to him when he finds out Roman's deep secret of being a werewolf? Will his chance encounter with the wolf scar him, or will he fall head over heels in love?

Warning: Includes Wiccans, heavy drinking, 80's costumes, and hot gay wolf sex!

Contains explicit gay sex (oral, a**l, rimming) between a man and a wolf shapeshifter. Adults only.


“Hey, you need to tell me an embarrassing story.”

“What?” He yelled back from the kitchen.

“You know, I told you about hanging out with Wiccans, and stuff like that. You need to tell me something about yourself.”

Roman walked into the living room with glasses of water. “Like what?”

“I don't know...” I took a sip of water. “Do you have any secrets?”

“Of course I do,” he said. I waited for him to begin, but he said nothing else.

“Such as....?” I prodded.

“Like everybody else, I have plenty of secrets. Some that I'll keep to my grave, and some that I'll only spill to my very close friends. Besides, telling me about your Wiccan friends is not exactly a juicy tale.”

I blinked. I wasn't expecting such a letdown. “Well, then, what's under that goofy mask? You've kept it on this whole night. Is your face a secret? Secret deformity?” I battled back, feeling a little bit better about myself.

In response, Roman took off the mask. I almost gasped out loud at the sight of him. He was a lot more handsome than I had imagined, although at that point I was beginning to expect Phantom of the Opera levels of facial disfigure. He had dark brown hair that spiked up in places due to wearing the mask. His eyes were a golden brown, and his jaw was strong and squared. He had luscious lips, and when he smiled at me his white teeth gleamed.

“Well, now I know one of your secrets,” I said.

“What's that?”

“You're really hot,” I said brazenly.

Roman chuckled, and then bent his head down, his face inches from mine. “I think you are, too,” he said.

I smiled and moved in towards him, and he met my lips with his. We kissed tentatively at first, our tongues tasting and exploring our mouths. Then our kissing became more passionate; our tongues teased one another, our breathing gradually increasing. Roman ended a kiss with a nibble on my lower lip and I moaned out loud.

“Let's go to the bedroom,” he said. I followed him submissively, kicking off my shoes as we walked down the hallway.

Fiction & Literature
11 January
Veronica Bates

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Gingerpersonman ,


This is a very well presented book, I couldn't stop reading and I can't wait to buy the next book for £1.99 amazing !!

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