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This 3 story collection contains stories of women who don't mind putting on a little show. Take a bit of voyeuristic delight as these ladies enjoy sex in the open! This bundle includes:

Going Public

Karen wasn't sure when her love of exhibitionism started. As a child she was always the annoying kid who talked the loudest and fought the hardest for attention. As a teenager, she loved getting naked in the locker room, flaunting her body without any shame. Now, as an adult, she found herself posting pictures of her naked body on the internet, reveling in the praise of strangers. After a chance run-in with a handsome man on the subway, Karen receives an invitation to play out her fantasy. After taking in the view from the window of his office, her decision is easy.

Coming Attraction

When Scott suggests going to a newly renovated adult theater to add some desperately needed spice to their sex life, Elena is initially turned off by the idea. However, wanting to please Scott and feel a sense of risk, she agrees to go. When the couple arrives, they are surrounded in the dark theater by a small group of horny men, and she is shocked by the arousal she feels when all eyes are on her. When she becomes the main attraction, can she leave her inhibitions behind and be as adventurous as she was in her youth?

Joy Ride

Kim has had a terrible week - her boyfriend cheated on her, her new boss is a huge jerk, and to top it all off, her car breaks down on the side of a country highway. Luckily, a hero on a motorcycle has come to save her. Travis is tall, muscular, and charming, and Kim can't deny her instant attraction to him. So it's very easy for her to come up with a way to thank her rescuer - and she doesn't care who sees it!

Warning! This 13,000 word bundle contains adult content and is not meant for those under the age of 18!

Fiction & Literature
July 2
Briony Summers

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