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Almost people choose travelling as the most interesting hobby that they want to do it if they have free time. There are many appreciate places for visitor to come. Indonesia is an ideal destination to discover. This country is famous for culinary heaven with many special dishes.

This book introduces about break, lunch, dinner and dessert dishes cooking method or recipes in Indonesia. It is my firm belief that you will like these formula and try to cook it. Thanks to this book, you can understand the specialized cuisine in Indonesa.

While in Indonesia enjoying a few of dishes above you can travel to individual cities which are well equipped with roadways, and some have excellent public transportation. Other cities, less so and travel to neighboring cities should be well-researched and planned on a case-by-case basis to optimize trips (unless it's just a matter of getting lost and exploring).

Indulgence Trail. While Javanese spa is probably one of the most exploited name in the industry, so far there is no Javanese spa that is well worth mentioning. Well hopefully, one day I probably might. But if you have spent the entire day hopping from one to the next and feel that your bone is starting to feel tired or if you are just looking to relax your stressed muscle, you can pamper yourself in one of the massage houses. Along Jalan Sukajadi, there are at least two prominent massage houses - Zen Reflexology and Yu Yuan Tang. They are situated opposite to one another. As a result, prices are very competitive. Zen Reflexology offers a slightly cheaper alternative but less privacy if you are just there to do your foot reflexology. On the other hand, Yu Yuan Tang offers royal treatment from the moment you step into it. Whether you are there for foot reflexology or full-body massage, you get your own privacy. Each room caters only for two or three persons. The price between the two massage houses are similar with Yu Yuan Tang charging slightly higher price. But overall, the experiences tend to lead us to Yu Yuan Tang every time we are looking to pamper ourselves.

Romantic Trail. One would have to agree with the fact that given the so many cool hangout places in Bandung, it would be hard to pick the best. Based on personal research experience, I would say Kampung Daun is probably one of the most romantic place in Bandung. The place is simply amazing and it promises to blow your imagination away.

Culinary Trail. Bandung is probably best known for its street hawkers' dishes such Batagor (Bakso Tahu Goreng), Siomay, Tahu Mendoan and of course the legendary Tahu Sumedang. Do not leave Bandung before heading to either Kartika Sari or Primarasa. They are the signature souvenir of Bandung. At Kartika Sari, do not miss their Pisang Bollen (Banana Pastry) and Banana Roll. At Primarasa, do not miss their Tiramisu or Chocolate brownies.

Air travel is the most common in Indonesia, but it's also considered one of the least safe in the world. Many airports aren't yet paved and rely on small-engine planes to ferry passengers back and forth. Larger hubs are safer, and air travel is certainly faster than travel by ship. Depending on the quality of ferry service, it may be safer too.

For traveling on the island, road travel is most common. Indonesia has an extensive network of highways that make travel by car, motorcycle and coach much easier. There is also a large rail network for traveling on the same island, Java's being the best developed, but this is as much for transporting commercial goods as passenger trains.

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