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Building "step-function" better / "10x better" things is going to be every innovator's job the next few years. This book introduces the framework that can help you find those solutions simply and reliably

Every product and innovation team in startups and enterprises is being tasked with an emerging goal: Build original, disruptive new products that create new markets and change industries. "10x better solutions". And do it repeatedly and continuously.

On the other hand, in recent years, startup companies have also been encouraged to follow the principles of slow-and-steady growth, doing incremental improvement by chasing competitors, letting data verify hypothesis, and to pivot until product-market fit is found. With the market where it is now, these principles of building companies won't be enough, as they tend to create derivative, uninspiring products that aren't going to be able to get attention. In an attention-scarce world, the minimum criteria for entry has become consistent, strong, transformative products that inspire people and are worth noticing.

In the ground-breaking Innovation Thinking Methods, serial entrepreneur and tech CEO Osama A. Hashmi, presents a powerful new vision that encourages us to adopt an "innovation-thinking" mindset in all aspects of work. He argues that in order to build solutions worth paying attention to, a company is better off seeking to create new markets, even if it creates the unfamiliar; that the negative space has better answers than what data might be showing at face-value; that companies that seek significance in future history are worth supporting more than the companies seeking short-term growth; and that you are better off seeking original intents than product-market fit.

At its core, the book presents an exhilarating realization: that finding those substantial, meaningful solutions isn't an elusive art form, one that perhaps only hits like a lightning bolt of inspiration, but is instead a simple thinking discipline that is easy to understand and adopt, and can be used by anyone, in any team, to start thinking like a product visionary.

The book presents methods and techniques that Osama has used over the past 15 years to build strong innovation cultures in his award-winning product companies, and to help entrepreneurs and enterprise companies refocus their thinking away from competitors and back towards big thinking and more meaningful pursuits.

Easy to read in 1-2 sittings, written in an accessible, conversational style, and full of thought-experiments, powerful questions and examples, and criticism of the status quo presented through a touch of humor, Innovation Thinking Methods is an indispensable guide to anyone wanting to kickstart a strong orientation towards substantial innovation within their companies or work.

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March 23
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