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Inspiring Professionals is an informative and entertaining guide to using camera filters in landscape photography. Learn how professionals use them to subtly control light and extend the creative possibilities of a scene.

Eight leading photographers select their most memorable images and describe in detail what went into each shot - the inspiration, techniques, challenges and filters used. You'll get up close with the photographers both artistically and technically.

Every shot lists the filters used and has a diagram showing their exact placement.

Each chapter focuses on a specific filter type including Neutral Density Grads, Neutral Density Standards, Warm Up filters, Polarisers and many others. Plus there's a chapter demonstrating how filters can enhance black and white photography.

This is a multi-touch book and has been designed from scratch to give the best possible experience on screen. Photos can be viewed full screen or alongside the commentary and diagrams.

Inspiring Professionals features the work of Joe Cornish, David Noton, John Gravett, Jeremy Walker, David Ward, Mark Denton, Tom Mackie and Charlie Waite.

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1 February
LEE Filters

Customer Reviews

Punda malia ,

Visual content good but technically it doesn't work

At first I was glad that I only downloaded a preview chapter. The pictures are beautiful and the info on the filters used in them is useful, but the text scrolling did not work so I could not see the potentially interesting notes on how the pictures were taken.
Returning later I discovered that the scroll icon was not the place tap to scroll the text although I cannot see why they used an unconventional mechanism rather than the well established vertical scroll bar indicator. I wonder how many sales this has cost Lee.
When I could finally see the whole of the text I found it too cryptic. Insufficient for someone wanting to learn although probably quite enough to reassure those who already know the answers that the notes were made by one of their peers.

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