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Grab this awesome 5 book collection presented to you by top selling author, Sasha Collins. These are 5 hot and sexy tales of Interracial loving involving a beautiful black woman and a hunky man of Asian Descent. From Asian Billionaires to secret samurai soldiers, this collection has it all!

Warning: All these books contain Erotic Sex scenes and must only be read by mature audiences

Book 1:

Interracial Sex Stories: Seduced By An Asian Billionaire (BWAM)

When Janet is set up on a blind date she is not sure what to expect. She discovers that her date is a billionaire and he is also Asian which is not something Janet had ever considered before. However, there was something quite charming about Carl and she wanted to find out more....

Book 2:

My Secret Asian Affair (Interracial Sex Stories BWAM)

Candice is not enjoying married life and life at work is just as boring. That was until one day she gets to work very closely with new guy, Lee who just happens to be the finest Asian man she has ever set eyes on. Candice has never been with an Asian man before but there is a first time for everything....

Book 3:

In Love With An Asian Assassin (Interracial Sex BWAM)

Nadine has never previously dated an Asian guy but Minh was very different and she was beginning to fall for him in a BIG way. They have not yet slept together and tonight could be the big night but first Minh must reveal a big secret.....

Book 4:

How I Seduced My ASIAN Boss (Interracial Sex Stories BWAM)

Mr. Chan is the youngest CEO the company has ever had and he is drop dead gorgeous too. He is a hot topic among Celeste and her co-workers with many wondering if they had a chance. Celeste is the type of woman who does not like to wait around and she is very confident that she is going to be able to seduce her asian boss, so confident she actually puts money on it...

Book 5:

BWAM Interracial Erotica:  Sex With A Samurai

If you have never had sex with a samurai soldier then you do not know what you are missing out on....

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November 7
Sasha Collins

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