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Interracial Sex Black Men White Women / Interracial Sex Stories / Interracial Sex Fiction

Three short and entertaining interracial sex stories of black men and white women.

Tales of straight sex, oral sex, and a**l sex are included in this volume of interracial sex stories that feature white women sucking, licking, and f*****g black men on their way to ebony ecstasy.

Warnings: 18+ ONLY This title contains erotic situations and graphic language. All characters are represented as 18 or older.

Story #1 - Banging The Superstar Jock
Tami and Sushi are hot models who have just come back from Japan. They have a layover in Cincinnati, Ohio, before going on to New York City, so Tami wants to see the Black Underground Railroad. She’s never been to a black museum and is surprised at the visual displays of black masculinity, past and present. While looking over some life-sized photos, she meets a famous football star and they find each other attracted. But, Tami’s clock is ticking; can she make this a permanent relationship?

Story #2 - Lying for Love and Lust
Oxania is a white girl who loves f*****g black guys, but she has to go places where black guys hang out. Problem is, none of her white girlfriends want to go with her. Only her younger sister, Lina, who is twenty one and tanned so dark she practically looks like a black girl, wants to join her. And although Lina is never a bore at parties, she lies all the time. How can Oxania win a date with a black guy? She either has to go alone, or take her lying little sister...

Story #3 - Nightmare Interracial Fantasies
Bousya is having nightmares every night when she goes to sleep. She can’t shake them, and she decides finally to go see controversial psychologist Dr. Duncan Riggs. Bousya also has sexual fantasies of f*****g black men, which she won’t acknowledge, but now she wonders if she’s faking nightmares so she can meet the controversial psychologist, who happens to be black. Will Bousya solve her problems and live out her sexual fantasies to f**k a black man?

Fiction & Literature
May 10
Assilsaya, LLC

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