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'Get the cameras rolling - Indiana Jones meets Alien. What a combination of mystery, suspense, and unspeakable horror. I loved it!' --R.L. Stine

Humanity has always believed it is the only intelligent species of life in the universe. But while excavating in Israel, an archaeologist unearths a tomb that has remained hidden for 7,000 years. Inside lies a secret of such magnitude that the story of mankind is instantly rewritten - and its future thrown into terrible danger.
Only one man can piece history back together again. Only one man will risk everything to prevent a catastrophe that could tear the world apart.
That man is Ethan Warner.

'Earth-shattering intrigue, hyperdrive action and a desperate race to save humanity, cranked up to the max with scarily realistic science and apocalyptic religion thrown in for good measure . . . a major new talent has hit the mystery thriller scene' Scott Mariani, bestselling author of The Lost Relic

'The fossilised remains of a 7,000-year-old creature dug from the sands of the Negev Desert in Israel become the bones of contention in Dean Crawford's fast-paced debut thriller... The book neatly threads together a wild variety of plotlines' Wall Street Journal

`Partly mythical read, part thriller this pacy tale is a page turner guaranteed to keep you up late' Sun

Crime & Thrillers
10 November
Simon & Schuster UK

Customer Reviews

PC Growler ,

Very good read.

I enjoyed the Covenant, the topic was very interesting and well researched. I got slightly irritated at the hero who managed to go from total clapped out loser to uber macho super-man during the course of the book. Showing no fear he recklessly hurls himself in to various suicidal fights and always comes out unscathed. Even a decorated Special Forces soldier would baulk at the antics of the hero in this book! I presume the author has a Hollywood blockbuster in his sights, but my advice would be to slightly "de-macho" the hero, he's just too much of a cliche and even Hollywood is tiring of these wooden characters and finally giving them a sense of humour. All the same I enjoyed the book, well done and well done for living in Surrey, England! Lol

Owls1867 ,

Entertaining, but a little far-fetched

It starts off well, but the more I read this the more I found myself rolling my eyes. It gets just a little bit silly in places - particularly with how well the main character does in fights against, for example, a highly-skilled international assassin - and ends up stretching things a little too far. Still, it was entertaining and a reasonable first novel.

Daisydukes75 ,

An alright read

I wanted a fast moving novel which I could whip through and this was exactly that. However some elements are so far fetched that they don't flow well in the story...how can you debate the existence of aliens when you are in underground rooms and tunnels being bombed in Gaza? That said I'll try the next novel

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