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Since its initial publication, How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold a total of 15 million copies. The book continues to sell briskly today, but Carnegie never anticipated the ways in which the digital age would provide new tools and challenges for winning friends and influencing people. The advent of social networking sites, the dominance of email, and the ways in which the Internet has supplanted face-to-face interactions have made Carnegie's precepts all the more immediate and vital. Brent Cole, working in tandem with Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc., has reimagined the original book for the digital age, updating and reframing Carnegie's insights about communication, self-expression, and leadership.

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29 September
Simon & Schuster UK

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aaronmbuckley ,

A Master Piece Re-Written Into A Master Piece

In order to get the most out of this book you need to be willing to learn and wanting to change. And the chances are if you've stumbled across this book yourself then you are.

I read half of the original How To Win Friends And Influence People a number of years ago, as my dad bought it for me. However, I stopped reading it because I didn't want to listen to anything it said. It seemed as though it was all about the other person, and keeping them happy. When would it be about me? Well now I'm at a different stage in my life and am far less selfish than I was then. Only now am I able to fully appreciate the master piece of work that book was. This is why I wanted to read it again, only this time I found this updated version.

It uses the exact same principles in the original and the stories used to illustrate the points made are even more interesting. Each chapter usually talks about 3 different stories that illustrate the point being made. After every chapter I would always remember one story in vivid detail. It would sit with me for awhile whilst I had time to appreciate what it meant and then I would always want to share the story because I felt it was so powerful.

I found the best way to read this book was a chapter at a time. This allowed for me to really grasp what the chapter was talking about and put it into action.

Whilst reading this book I noticed a change in my friendships. I became a lot closer to my already quite close friends. We would no longer argue, and if I for instance upset someone with something I said or did, then I was able to resolve the situation effectively and learn from it. I am so grateful that I put the effort in to apply this books teachings to my life as now I very rarely upset my friends and we are closer than ever.

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and felt that I really did learn a lot. I will definitely be reading bits of this book again as it never hurts to reinforce and revisit certain values. Values which I will treasure forever.

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