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In It’s All About Relationships, Jimmy Walker, insurance agent to the stars and creator of Celebrity Fight Night, tells stories and lessons from some of his most important relationships in business and life and inspires readers to use their unique gifts and key relationships to build a life that matters. 

Jimmy Walker doesn’t consider himself a celebrity, but he has many famous friends. He has spent nearly six decades building relationships with business people, professional athletes, and entertainers. This list includes names like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, Reba McEntire, and Reggie Jackson.

As a young boy, Jimmy was never afraid to strike up a conversation with a celebrity or famous athlete (he was even known to call Mickey Mantle collect). It’s that tenacity that helped him become a successful insurance agent to the stars, as well as create the renowned Celebrity Fight Night in America and Italy alongside Muhammad Ali and Andrea Bocelli, which has given away over $90 million to charity.  

In It’s All about Relationships, Jimmy tells stories and lessons from some of his most important relationships in business and life and shares many of the missteps and mistakes he has made along the way. He recounts the heartbreaking loss of his son, Scott, to an overdose and says there is no greater loss or pain in life for a parent than losing a child. That experience has made him passionate about helping people recovering from addiction and determined to open sober living homes in the state of Arizona. Finally, Jimmy shares of his faith in God—his most important relationship—and how it has sustained him and carried him through both the good and the hard times in his life.

Jimmy’s extraordinary life will inspire you to invest in the relationships you have and use your unique gifts to serve and give to those in need. By nurturing your most important relationships, you can build a life has meaning and purpose. You can build a life that matters.

One hundred percent of the profits from this book will go to develop sober living homes in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona—to fulfill his son’s dream to help those fighting addiction.

9 November
Forefront Books

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