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Discover the incredible true story behind the most famous bank robbery of all time in this thrilling graphic novel adaptation of the award-winning book.

Mark Lee Gardner’s Spur Award–winning Shot All to Hell follows Jesse James and his notorious gang of outlaws as they plan, carry out—and ultimately bungle—the most famous bank robbery in Western history. Now fans of the James brothers and history buffs can experience the bloody true story like never before with this graphic novel adapted from the original book.

In September 1876, the James-Younger Gang forced their way into Northfield, Minnesota’s First National Bank—only to find themselves in a deadly battle against a horde of heroic citizens intent on defending their town from the Missourian marauders. Featuring stunning artwork and an exciting, faithful-to-the-novel script from Nate Olson and Gardner himself, Shot All to Hell: The Graphic Novel offers comics fans a thrilling Western adventure featuring the most famous American outlaw of all time.

“This collaboration is so eye-pleasing that readers will flip through the pages again and again. The story is told in a documentary style, with times, dates and locations adding realism to the almost tactile illustrations of the “most famous bank robbery in Western history” and the epical retreat of the James-Younger Gang into the nightmarish Big Woods of Minnesota. Oversized, hard-hitting and impressive.” —David Morrell, bestselling author of First Blood (Rambo series) and Captain America: The Chosen

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4 September
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