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Why is Africa still perceived as a country when there are around 2,000 languages spoken on the continent alone?

IT'S A CONTINENT aims to counter the misconception that Africa is a country by breaking down this vast, beautiful and complex continent into regions and countries. Each of the 54 African countries has a unique history and culture, and this book highlights the key historical moments that have shaped each nation and contributed to its global position, as well as within the African continent.

Each chapter (focusing on a different country) of the book brings to light stories and African figures that have been marginalised in mainstream education, in a humorous and easily-digestible format, breaking down facts and events that you wouldn't believe happened.

Why is the Liberian flag so similar to the Stars and Stripes of the United States? Have you heard about Thomas Sankara's quest for Burkina Faso's self-sufficiency? African soldiers' contribution to World War II?

There are many aspects of history that mainstream education doesn't address, and this book allows the reader to understand the consequences of historical colonial activities within the African Continent, and how many African countries continue to re-build. The majority of countries within the continent are young, not just in population but in age, as many only gained independence in the 20th Century. IT'S A CONTINENT is the bold and brilliant book for readers who want to gain an understanding of things you were never taught in school.

26 May
Hodder & Stoughton