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James and Jerry are friends attending Pinewood University together, a hard-line Christian fundamentalist college.  Jerry's a star of Pinewood's baseball team, and James became a volunteer assistant on the team just to get closer to him.  Of course, his sexuality is a hard-kept secret; discovery would mean immediate expulsion in disgrace for him.  But when the two of them get extremely drunk together while celebrating a big win, and Jerry falls into a deep sleep, will James be able to control his secret gay urges?  And would Jerry enjoy the experience anyway?

This close-to-the-knuckle 5,000 word gay story is suitable only for adults; it features sleep sex, hot jocks, frustrated urges, deep closets, thunderous sex, and a game of Mario Kart.


And now here I am, and here he is, and just down that corridor, there they are.  It's not gone anything like how I imagined it; but there he is, and I reach out and touch his chest, just to prove that it's right there and this is really happening.

Of course, I can't just have one quick feel.  That's like going to the all you can eat Chinese place and having one spring roll and one prawn cracker.  I try to take hold of him, to squeeze, to find something that'll give against my fingers and prove he's human after all.

And my fingers just slip and scrabble hopelessly over his taut flesh.  They finish up converging inexorably on his nipple, and I can almost pretend that it was an accident that I pinched it.

He doesn't react at all.  Not in the slightest.  Just goes right on stacking up the Zs.  "Dude", I say to him, smiling, stroking his hair, "you are so very ducking frunk right now."  And then I realise what I've said, and I laugh and I laugh.

And that will do, I think to myself.  That's enough fun for tonight.  I really ought to get some sleep now.  I make like I'm going to move.  It's not easy.  And then I feel my dick straining so very hard against my jeans.  I have to undo the button and let my bulging boxer briefs have a little space to themselves down there.

I reach down and adjust myself, and I realise for the first time that it's quite damp down there; and when I take hold of my cock, the wet fabric drags itself across my exposed head, and my eyes roll back in ecstasy at the stimulation.

And then I feel Jerry's breath against my skin, as if for the first time, and I can feel all my nerve endings beginning to activate.  I gently squeeze my rigid rod again, gasping gently as I realise the full extent of my arousal, and it's now that I realise how bad I need to cum.

I exhale again, and then I take a quick decision.  I don't allow myself to agonise over it and blueball myself trying to be thorough.  I just think, and then I do.

I lift Jerry's head up slightly, and I slip out, regretfully, from underneath it, sliding a pillow in there instead.  I make sure he's still balanced and isn't going to fall over, and then I slip down his body to his waist.

Oh God, those abs.  And that teasing, promising treasure trail.  At last I can let my lips touch his skin, and I'm shuddering and shivering alternately and shamelessly as I plant an endless series of kisses around his perfectly outlined six-pack.

Fiction & Literature
July 3
Sapphire Rush

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