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Book #3 in the Gideon's Riders Series

As the sheltered princess of Sector One, Maricela’s life is defined by duty: to her people and to her family. Her wealth and influence have allowed her to build a better world, but they come with a price---the responsibility to secure political stability with a practical marriage. Maricela cherishes the idea of marrying for love, but there’s not much romance in the endless line of suitors interested only in prestige and power. 

And her handsome, brooding new bodyguard isn’t helping the situation.

Ivan is the perfect, deadly warrior, a man trained from childhood to be the ultimate protector to the Rios family. His focus on keeping her safe is intense--and a little intoxicating.  When the threat of danger cracks his icy control, Maricela realizes she’s not the only one fighting against temptation.

Ivan knows that the blood on his hands makes him unworthy of the pure-hearted princess. But from the first kiss, their forbidden affair feels inevitable. He can give her a glimpse of life outside her gilded cage and a lover who wants the woman instead of the crown. The only thing he can never do is promise her forever.

Because spurning her noble suitors to marry her bodyguard wouldn’t just be a scandal. It could set off a political firestorm that would tear Sector One apart.

March 28
Kit Rocha

Customer Reviews

Tilly212 ,

An interesting couple

This is one of those times that I've started a book thinking meh, I'm not really fussed about these two characters but love the author so I'll give it a go. In all series I think we all have characters that we can't wait to read about and others that were not so fussed about. I was very much like that about Maricela, she wasn't a character I was desperate to get too.

I was very surprised by just how much I loved her. She was full of depth and much more than she seemed to be in previous sightings of her. She's got the weight of Sector One on her shoulders and seemed to be drowning in everyone's else's need to make a political marriage. It's so easy to make a judgement about someone without really understanding the life they lead. She's a very caring person, warm and welcoming. She needed to find someone to see her for herself, not the title she holds.

Ivan is the brooding alpha Rider warrior perfect for the job. He's got his own demons to confront but they seemed to be the perfect antidote to each other's worries. Loyal to the core, it's a real struggle for him to let go and embrace his feelings for Maricela. His sense of duty to Gideon and his fellow Riders has always been his top priority so it was fun to see him succumb They've got red hot chemistry, those scenes were scorchingly hot!

We got little snippets of other characters which gave us a good insight into future books, the plot although quite simple in terms of timespan and events, had a lot going on in terms of bringing the story arc forward. We meet a few new characters which should bring some interesting times ahead. Each book expands this universe and while we got a few answers this time we're left with a few more.

It's a really good story and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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