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Obsessive. Toxic. Ice Princess. Witch. Jewell King ignored the epithets slung at her behind her back. Hell, after six, or was it seven, personal security officers asked to be reassigned rather than continue to guard her 24/7, maybe she deserved the names. She didn't care. Good riddance. Well… the last one had kinda weaseled his way into her daily routine with his compulsive cleaning and insistence on health foods.  When he left, she noticed and was… hurt. But that didn't matter. She had no time for emotions. Handling the information and data systems for Guardian required 28 hour days and triple her current staff. On her shoulders rested the weight of defending Guardian against a brilliant hacker determined to take down all billionaire David Xavier had built and destroy her family in the process. He'd tried before. She had frustrated his first attempt by the slimmest of margins. This time he’d made it personal and he just might succeed. 


Zane Reynolds waded through several weeks’ worth of empty energy drink cans, cast off candy wrappers and stale pizza boxes, and viewed Jewell's office with a resigned sense of deja vu. He was back—against his will and despite his best efforts to stay as far away from Jewell King as he could get. The fact she hated him would make Jewell King a difficult assignment. He should walk away like all the others, except he couldn’t. He’d seen through the woman’s veneer and had witnessed the true kindness of the person hiding under the beautiful, yet caustic façade. This time, Zane had non-negotiable conditions before he'd agree to return as Jewell King's personal security, and he told the CEO of Guardian as much.  This time, he was doing things his way.

August 22

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Rachael Bromley ,

A great addition to the guardian series.

I loved this book by the fantastic author Kris Michaels. If I could give it more than the 5* allowed it would have to be at least a 12 if not more. This is book 8 of the fantastic Guardian series that has already brought us the siblings Jared, Joseph, Jacob, Jason, jasmine and now Jewell with Justin and jade being the last two siblings to get books.

This was an amazing book that sees Jewell pitted against a brilliant hacker that had tried once to take down David Xavier and is trying again since the Bratvata was taken down in chief's book. Jewell is a computer whizz who is working every hour in the day to not only write programmes so no one can get through again but also tracking this cyber terrorist. She works hard, sometimes sleeps at her desk but also wishes there were more like 36 hours in a day.

Zane was tasked to protecting Jewell the first time, then without saying goodbye, left to take another job. Now the risk has come back he has been reassigned back to protect Jewell, to take care of her well-being and maybe not, but to tell the brothers exactly what they are doing wrong for Jewell. She maybe the one person he wants to get close to. I really loved Jewell and if she was real would be an interesting day every day. I loved her dad's, her witty remarks and her way of thinking something but actually saying it which made me laugh on more than one occasion.

Between them can they stop this hacker before everything goes wrong, can Zane live with his demons from being an assassin to be with Jewell? This is a book that's a must read. If you haven't read the others in this incredible series then I would thoroughly recommend them and you will be waiting with baited breath for the next book to come out. I can't say enough how much this book got me rereading it again just in case I missed something the first time. Congratulations Kris on another great book and here's to the next one. I voluntarily reviewed this book as an advanced reader copy

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