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Chad knelt before Lance, eyeing his erection with appreciation. “Commando. I like it. Let me help you with that,” he said, his voice rough with desire. His dark eyes gazed up at Lance from his submissive position, hazy with want.
“Take off your pants first,” Lance commanded, caressing Chad’s chin. “I want you to stroke your own cock while you suck me off.” Chad wiggled out of his jeans, tossing them to the side. His sizeable dick was clearly visible through the thin cotton of his black boxer-briefs, but Lance still eagerly watched as Chad stripped them off. Lance’s reservations had pretty much flown out the window. He had never had feelings like this for a man before, but he definitely knew what he wanted now.
Chad leaned forward, his lips parting in anticipation. He lapped at the engorged head of Lance’s erection, tasting the salty precum. The first touch of a man’s—a werewolf’s--tongue to Lance’s cock felt like lightning through his body. He grabbed a handful of Chad’s hair and slowly but firmly pushed the submissive man’s head forward, burying the length of his cock in Chad’s mouth. Chad moaned encouragement, one hand squeezing and teasing Lance’s balls and the other stroking the length of his own erection.
Lance thrust into Chad’s mouth with abandon. He was pretty rough with his partners during the days of the full moon, but this was different, somehow. Better. Lance had confidence that a fellow werewolf—a packmate—could handle anything he could dish out. He didn’t have to hold back like he did with women these days. Chad was clearly enjoying the rough treatment, by the sounds he was making and the amount of precum dribbling from his cock. Lance growled with pleasure. The sight of his erection plunging into Chad’s mouth was so fucking hot, and seeing Chad beating off at the same time only pushed Lance further.

Fiction & Literature
February 20
Catherine DeVore

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