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Betty's argument with her husband sends her driving away in a rage. She's fed up with their dull, boring life, and she drives wherever those four wheels take her.

When she ends up at the local mall, her rage turns to intrigue, when she comes upon a handsome 20-something stranger who catches her eye. In an impromptu move to feel sexy again, she invites the stranger to the bathroom stall so they could ""get to know each other"" a little better.


It started as a fantasy, but after sitting there and thinking it over, Betty’s heart began racing, because she realized that she was actually considering going through with it. There was nothing but her vows holding her back. The thought she could actually get some if she wanted was mind blowing to her, and only made her feel even more hot. She had a now or never feeling, which is the same way she felt when she decided to go skinny dipping with her sister when they took a trip to the Bahamas. Betty knew in her gut that she was going to feel like the biggest chicken in the world and kick herself the entire plane ride home if she didn’t do it. So before she knew it, she was undoing her top and sliding her bottoms to her ankles.

That same feeling enveloped her now, as she stared daggers into this handsome young man, who had the shoulders and neck of a football player and the fashion sense of a model.

Now or never. Before Betty knew it, her fight or flight response kicked in and she rose from her chair and walked over to the man.

Fiction & Literature
July 9
Marlo Peterson

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