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Book three of the Willden Trilogy begins shortly after the events of book two. Tathan and his companions are on a mission to return Princess Anilyia to the Kingdom of Mayncal. The others begin to learn more about Tathan of the Shadows and his murky past. It seems that everyone else in the world knows more about his exploits than his friends.

His past isn’t the only one presenting problems for the companions. Sir Danth is missing his body and begins to wonder what truly happened to his people. Vevin has avoided telling the others about his time before joining them, bringing even more questions.

Princess Anilyia stays as far away from Vevin as possible because she is certain he intends to nom her. After all, princesses are not protected from his kind.

Their journey takes them through the country of Kethril. Getting the princess home appears to be a more daunting task than rescuing her was. The King of Kethril has a problem and wants to find adventurers to help. To make things worse, the green-eyed lady is still hunting Tathan.

Will the companions be able to accomplish the mission? Do they truly understand each other? Can Tathan keep from falling in love with a forbidden princess? Will Vevin’s past come back to haunt him? Do any of them truly know who, or what Liselle is after all?

The Willden Trilogy is an epic fantasy that follows the adventures of Tathan and his companions through the Willden Forest and into the depths of the world. A new race called Rojuun has appeared in the world and is threatening to make humans their servants. It is the companions’ task to learn more and perhaps rescue a princess if they have the time.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 17
John H. Carroll

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Delinquental ,

Willden trilogy

Loved all three books shame it's ended though would have been nice to find out more bout Tathans future Etc

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