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The classic English protestant New Testament - reworked for ebooks, with links to Hebrew and Greek word definitions.

Theospace works with bible societies in producing top-notch e-bibles, from the simplest New Testaments to complex study bibles with notes, glossaries and cross-references. We've used our experience and tools to make this Bible not only good value, but also adapted to the uniqueness of Bible reading on e-readers.

Please note that some older e-readers do not have Hebrew characters available. We've included an extract from the Hebrew dictionary in the downloadable sample's introduction so you can test the dictionary before buying. Sometimes, changing the font can help.

This version contains :

- The text of the King James bible New Testament. Any additional content is hidden behind hyperlinks so as not to distract from the text itself.

- A dictionary of greek and hebrew terms. The bible text is linked to the dictionary: clicking on any relevant term brings up the definition of the word in the original language. Any root terms referenced are also hyperlinked. Use the back button on your reader to return to the text. You can also browse through the dictionaries by Strongs numbers.

- an overview page per book containing a link to each chapter, to the index, and to the Hebrew and Greek dictionary. Locating a passage is much faster than ebooks without this feature.

- two indexes. On e-ink readers, several clicks are often required to get to the main index. We've created a second one, accessible from each book overview, so you can get around the Bible faster, spending less time clicking, and more time reading.

- smartphone-adapted navigation. Each verse has a hyperlink to the start of the chapter - useful for quickly checking the context, or for then clicking through to the book's menu. You'll be surprised how useful this can be on a small screen!

We hope you enjoy reading this publication. Please leave us any ideas or messages to improve your experience further.


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May 30

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