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It is 1914 and while battles rage across Europe, three empires – the Ottoman, the German and the British – fight for dominance in the Middle East. The merciless landscape of Persia and Mesopotamia are prizes to be claimed by the most ruthless opponent.

In the midst of the chaos is Kingdom Lock. Working for the British Intelligence Service known as the White Tabs, Lock is sent to Persia on a commission from the Australian Infantry Force. His mission: to prevent a German spy from inciting jihad and rebellion among the Muslim tribes and from seizing control of the precious oilfields. But before then, having recently rescued Amy Townshend, the daughter of a top ranking British officer, from Turkey, he now finds that he must save her from the clutches of death once more. It’s a task that seems destined to fail with bloodthirsty, relentless Turks at every turn . . .

To complete his mission, Lock must stay one step ahead of the war raging around him. And to make matters worse, Amy’s fiancé, an aristocratic young officer, is none too pleased about Lock’s developing relationship with his future wife. In this super-charged adventure, can Kingdom Lock survive the dangers that threaten him?

Fiction & Literature
May 22
Allison & Busby

Customer Reviews

Deidre Amos ,

Kingdom Lock

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, i couldn't put it down, and recommend it to everyone, whether they like war stories or not. This has a contemporary twist to it aswell, a war over oil, set in Iraq and the surrounding area. I look forward to book two.

Sally - 10/08/2014Report this Review

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