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“The morning was crisp.

And there stood Venica Bella (though she was not known by that name then)…”

Here begins the erotic story of Venica Bella, a lush and exquisite woman who is obsessed with the tantalizing BDSM lifestyle. With the support of Thomas, her partner, she is admitted to the elite training institution ‘Bravada’ where her adventure begins, fully intending to experience two weeks of intense pleasure as she delves into the darker side of sexual fantasy. But, Bravada isn’t for those seeking submission training, or sexual gratification, or the forbidden regions of seduction…

Join Venica as she journeys through a spiritual process that forever alters her understanding of self-awareness, boundaries, and BDSM. Written in beautiful prose, Lauren L has captured the truthful essence of pleasure through pain, completing a text that fuses eroticism with spirituality.

Fiction & Literature
September 18
Lauren L

Customer Reviews

Loztouch ,

Great little book

Was really surprised by this wee book

Great read!

tovling ,


Flawed in so many ways with unforgivable spelling mistakes and grammatical errors (have we even HEARD of spellchecker??), this story is flat, monotonous and unengaging. The characters are 2-dimensional and forgettable (which probably explains why even the author used the wrong name early on) and the 'plot' lacks even the most basic elements necessary for a good story. Much like the insult to literature that is 50 Shades..., Kinked Sober has all the eroticism of a wet fish combined with the realism of a Disney movie, and has clearly been written by someone who took the wrong career advice. Once again an author has tried to compete with The Story of O, and once again they have failed spectacularly.

IoanaP1974 ,

Very interesting

Good book, catchy and well written. Not what some people might imagine, very nice surprise
I couldn't help but read until finished!
Will recommend