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About Mary's Writing: "Wise, warm, witty, it ripples with rude, righteous fun and at the same time offers profound insights. It resonates from top to bottom with deep and abiding humanity. Here is an irresistible book jam-packed with practicality and spirituality alike. It is essential reading for all true souls of light who love literature." - Prof. Richard Walter, Screenwriting Chairman, UCLA Film School “The only problem with the book is that it ended too soon. I can't wait for the next one. Encore!” - Tom R. Myers, USA “A blast of fresh air, a more in-your-face Erma Bombeck.” - San Francisco Chronicle “Candid and edgy” - San Jose Mercury News “Along the lines of Virginia Woolf but in an irreverent voice akin to Annie Lamott.” - Palo Alto Weekly “From Silicon Valley Artist-Mom to Solo World Traveler. I have a huge appreciation for the leap of faith it took, after 20 years of marriage and then divorce, to reinvent a completely new, totally freeing, radically self-reliant lifestyle. We all need the nudge to find our own courage. Mary, and her book, can provide just this kind of nudge. Whether your calling is to travel the world, or just to be more adventurous in your own backyard, Mary's stories of the people, places, animals, foods, and pure joy of embracing life will remind you to LIVE MORE FULLY!” - Lisa Chu, USA “Warning--this book will change your life! This is a visual documentary of a woman traveling the globe on a shoestring, it makes you realize that you can do it too. This author connects with sea turtles, baby elephants, sacred places and indigenous people. God love her for her open heart, her courage and her simple way of being human. If you are feeling a little afraid and disillusioned, read this book. It’s witty, fast-moving, and every episode is backed up by amazing photos taken by the author. Get the book it’s priceless!” - Catherine Ramsey, New York, USA “The only problem with the book is that it ended too soon. I can't wait for the next one. Encore!” - Tom R. Myers, USA Want to quit your job and travel the world? Mary, photographer and solo mom, newly minted as a lone warrior after raising her son, breaks free of the USA, and takes her gumption (and her business) on the road learning how to be a professional vagabond and CEO of fun. Like a martini mixed with metaphysics Mary pokes fun at life and laughs at the holes: from dating after two decades in Italy to living in a temple in rural Thailand learning from an enlightened master to meeting her 18 year old son on the rooftop of the world in Nepal. Sheer terror, bewilderment and sex are also covered. With no big bank account and very little electricity she photographs the Dalai Lama in India, learns how to surf in Peru, and teaches kundalini yoga to Buddhist nuns after riding elephants bareback in the jungle. Drop-shipped into new worlds, she comes to know herself through the eyes of new cultures, foreign money, exotic food, and ancient ways to worship the divine. She finds a way to communicate, play, and work in the remotest regions of the world's most exotic countries and realizes that living out loud and laughing is the prescription to life’s monsoons. Across 27 countries on 4 continents by train, boat, chicken bus, motorbike and rickshaw she learns that courage takes practice and wanderlust costs less than it does to stay home working. What’s your divine blueprint, your spiritual DNA? What is written on your heart? Be inspired to do something scary every day even if it’s just erasing the chalk marks off your car when the meter maid isn’t looking. Do one thing that makes your hands shake. Try not to get arrested. It can be making a phone call, writing a book, speaking your mind or moving to Morocco. Be valiant, vulnerable, and scandalous. Get dangerous and step off solid ground. Reach into your soul and pull out your dreams. This is Mary’s 3rd book.

Travel & Adventure
February 12
Mary Bartnikowski