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You didn't know that last one, but you have to know this one! It goes, “Oh when the sun beats down and warms the tar up on...”
No? Then you, my friend, are in real trouble. I suggest you read KNOWLEDGE BLASTER! Guide to Music and call me in the morning.

Seriously, wouldn't it be great if there was a little book that covered so much information about the diverse world of music? And didn't take forever to read?

See, we were helping a friend study for the contestant quiz of the Jeopardy! Game show when we realized we had accumulated enough material to help out almost anyone. A student, game show contestant, or the person-in-the-street who wants to know more about music. You are one of those, right?

This little study guide sings the praises of the greatest classical composers, rock bands, country stars, and jazz legends of all time. Here you'll find songs from musicals, real names and spouses of the stars, music terminology, bios of ballerinas, and much more. Songs by sopranos, tidbits on tenors and the bestest of basses.

Think you can live without it? Try these:

Michael Bolton garnered a 1991 Grammy for his rendition of the 1966 Percy Sledge hit...?
Who was the clarinet-playing "King of Swing?"
The most common instrument in a symphony orchestra is...?
Curly, Laura, and "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" are from...?
What was Sammy Davis, Jr.'s only #1 hit?
Who was called "Luke the Drifter?"
What is the jig-like dance of sailors?
What former Beatle garnered a Grammy, in 1989, for his work with the Traveling Wilburys?
Where do we find "The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies?"
Di bravura is one type of...?

No trouble at all? Okey dokey. But do you know the whole book?

The KNOWLEDGE BLASTER! Series compresses a great mountain of available information into easily digestible morsels. You'll find the books are patterned in an efficient question-and-answer mode, stressing simplicity, brevity, and clarity.

You can use this reference work as a launch pad to propel yourself into more in-depth studies. However, if you find this little study guide provides all the information you need, then consider your knowledge...

We wish you the best of luck in your quest for knowledge in this fascinating subject. 'Bye now.
And, oh yes, buy now!

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June 12
Yucca Road Productions

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