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Last Chance, AZ looked ordinary, but it barely showed up as a spec on a map in the middle of a vast desert that seemed to swallow it up. Yet, in this town, new people’s lives were changed, some for the better, some for the worse. But, they all had the chance to decide their fate.

The town had everything that a small town had, but it had one more thing. The shiny embossed sign read “Last Chance Gentlemen’s Club”. Underneath it read further, “Private, Members Only”. It was here that the founding thirty families of Last Chance got their entertainment. Outsiders had the opportunity to live in Last Chance with the help of the founding families, but there was a price to pay. The outsiders rarely had money, but they had other things that the members desired.

Powerone takes you on a vivid picture of surrender or submission in a place that is out of the twilight zone. Last Chance has no place in the current world, and that is why it’s in the middle of nowhere, run by those of wealth and power that have no bounds or moral compass except for their pleasures.

Jane and Allen were on the run from their wretched lives, hoping to move to California, the promise land where it was warm, and the people were all rich. Allen was in love with Jane, but she was with him in order to escape her life. Their poorly planned trip didn’t last long, their car breaking down near Last Chance. With their funds limited, their choices were all bad, especially for Allen that stole money from his job to leave. The young, attractive couple was offered a lot of money for three days of their time. But, Michael required both of them to submit, and Allen was too naïve to know what that meant. They both agreed. They couldn’t fathom what the members would require of them, yet there were never any alternatives.

Sofia paid thousands to a coyote to take her from Mexico to Arizona. The trip was fraught with danger and betrayal, but Sofia managed to get to her friend’s house that lived in Last Chance. Sofia wanted a good job at the only fine dining restaurant in Last Chance and the fake papers to work there. She’d have to interview with the mayor of the town and the manager of the restaurant. Then there would be the night she’d have to perform at the Last Chance Gentlemen’s Club. Will Sofia be able to do what is required of her?

Charlotte came to Last Chance two months ago but could only get menial jobs that paid little. If she were to stay, she would begin with an audition at the Last Chance Gentlemen’s Club. If she managed to impress, she could get a nice job in one of the local businesses as a receptionist or manager, but she’d have to show the men of the town that she could do all that was asked of her. Will Charlotte leave town a failure, or will she become an outstanding member of the community?

Fiction & Literature
28 May
Reniassance E Books

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