Last Light

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Publisher Description

For Eila Walker, a New Bedford night club with questionable morals may be her only safe point in the brewing war between her crew and drug-dealer Lawson Waite. 

After managing to wrangle a deal with club maven Maia Moriarty, Eila begins to believe that FAUST may actually work as a solid safe house until she and her friends can figure out how best to track down Waite.

But brutality comes quickly to Faust. In the aftermath, a shocking truth about Lawson Waite is whispered during a death-bed confession on the roof of the decadent club. 
The warning is simple: Lawson Waite is no mere man.

Now desperate to kill Waite and stop his time-altering Gabriel Gate, Eila and her crew push the limits of all their abilities in an attempt to finish what Elizabeth started so long ago.

Told through the eyes of three characters, 
MJ, the shifter, 
Eila, the Lunaterra, and
Raef, the soul thief, 
Last Light is one wild ride into the heart of what 
makes us human and what lies history has told.

Young Adult
1 September
K.R. Conway

Customer Reviews

Nisareen ,

Captivating sequel to True North

“Feeling the rawness of the Light throbbing inside her and snapping at my mouth and skin, as if static was rioting between us, I finally understood entirely what Rillin always had: Eila Walker was a true killer. A war machine, designed by a warrior Archangel who’d fallen to his own twisted reality and was destroyed by his own creations.”

In the aftermath of the attack on Polaris and the realisation that Halee has been hacked, the group relocate to what they hope is a safe haven at Faust, in to plan their next offensive. Maia is appalled to learn that Waite has a time gate known as Gabriel’s Device which is capable of rewriting history. She is further shocked when she is presented with the preserved body of Elizabeth which leads to a shocking revelation regarding Elizabeth’s true state and the reason behind it.

Desperate for answers, Nikki convinces the group to help her break into her father’s desk in the hope of obtaining information regarding the Limiting Links as well as Gabriel’s Device. By understanding the way they work, she hopes to help the gang to stop her father and Waite. The desk has been rigged to explode upon interference and it’s only Nikki’s smart thinking that allows them to retrieve the items intact without anyone getting seriously hurt. Their victory is short lived however, when a hidden device in her father’s belongings, later explodes at Faust which almost kills Ana and Maia. Nikki realises her father has no qualms about killing his own daughter.

The revelation that a traitor at Faust was responsible for detonating the bomb and a death bed confession, culminates in the shocking conclusion that Lawson Waite is in fact none other than Therophel who somehow managed to survive Elizabeth’s Core Collapse on that fateful day.

Agent Howe discovers that the Soul Gear that has been in the possession of the FBI is a fake. Dalca had been double crossed by the Wreckers to whom it had been entrusted. The real one is still in the possession of Midas Fagan. Unfortunately Midas and his people are brutally attacked by Therophel, with only a few managing to reach safety from the carnage.

Unaware of this new development but realising the implications should Therophel get his hands on the Soul Gear before they do, the gang try to come up with a plan. They are unprepared when the seals protecting Faust are suddenly breached by none other than Therophel himself. As the gang desperately scramble to safety, an unknown assailant kidnaps Eila, MJ and Nikki...

Last Light is another captivating and riveting read in what has been an amazing journey throughout the Undertow series. Each book has gone from strength to strength, leaving its readers desperate for more. Its easy to see why the author was compelled to split the finale into two books as it would have been harmful to not only the plot, but to the characters that we’ve come to know and love.

While the previous three instalments were told from Eila and Raef’s point of view, the author has added a special treat for MJ fans by supplementing him to the fold. MJ’s character in particular undergoes a significant change in this book both physically and emotionally.

Two shocking revelations, particularly the one involving Elizabeth, had me squealing in delight. Just as I felt that I had figured out the direction of the plot, the author added another jaw dropping twist that blew the lid off any theory and kept me enthralled.

Jared and his ‘pet’ Sprout were a delightful addition to the group assemble, which plot aside, has been the most appealing aspect of the series for me. There were some truly laugh out loud moments with him and in particular Nikki. Just when you thought Nikki was the epitome of all things snarky, we have Jared to give her a run for her money.

These books have truly been a joy to read and its with a mixture of sadness and anticipation that I’ll be reading the final instalment.

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