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The Comic Struggles
By Steven Kent McFarlin
(The Comic)

While studying in the Far East I was taught an ancient Japanese proverb: “Time spent laughing is time spent with the gods.” This insight resonated with me until I began to ask myself the question, or rather, the question asked itself of me: no one can prove the existence of heaven and hell in an afterlife, but who among us has not experienced moments of heaven and hell in this life? This led to the epiphany that serves as the cornerstone of this book: when we are laughing we are experiencing heaven on earth.

Humans need humor almost as much as they need food; one provides sustenance for the body, the other provides sustenance for the soul. Learning to harness the power of laughter provides the lubrication needed to roll through life, and although the un-greased wheel will still turn, it makes for a very unpleasant journey. The unprecedented stress of modern life, with economic worries and ongoing wars, has many people seeking relief; the use of antidepressant medications have tripled in the last twenty years; today one in ten Americans deal with life by popping a pill. I like to think of laughter as an all natural antidepressant prescribed by Dr. God (side effects include: tears, shortness of breath, slapping of knees, clothed urination, and the possibility of falling down). For the cost of a half-day’s dosage of Prozac, which can make you feel good for eight hours, you can buy this book, which can make you feel good for a lifetime. LAUGHTER HEREAFTER is a psychological bargain!

Over two decades ago I began to think that I should capture my struggles in print to let others who also struggle know they are not alone, but it took many years to work up my courage. But as a wise man once said “You have to take the bull by the horns” (then people no longer thought he was wise) so finally, here is the end result: eight chapters of my bull.


“To me, God is like a female orgasm; I believe in it, but I can’t prove it exists.”

“I remember asking my parents what the boy-dog was doing to the girl-dog, and they said they were dancing. That was a lie… that got me kicked out of prom.”

“I really don’t understand White Supremacists who tan! (I can't tan; I just freckle. In fact, I go to a freckle booth; it's like a tanning booth, except I hold a colander over my head.)”

“I was thinking 13 million people are feeling this earthquake, and the funny thing is: you know out of 13 million people, right before this quake hit, somebody’s dad said ‘Pull my finger.’
That would mess up a five-year-old for life!”

“An ugly girl and a bottle of whiskey is much better... than just an ugly girl.”

“My wedding ring didn’t even last throughout my marriage; I lost it in a bar, but it wasn’t my fault...I had a hole in my pocket.”


Steven Kent McFarlin (AKA “Spanky”) is an award-winning performer, published author, magazine columnist, recording artist, and television writer & producer. He has performed in all 50 states and 23 countries, twice voted “Comedian Of The Year,” once “Campus Performer Of The Year,” and winner of a “Cable Ace Award.” He has over 50 TV appearances, including: THE LATE SHOW, SHOWTIME, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, as well as popular dramas such as ER and PROFILER. McFarlin’s comedy writing experience involves everything from Joan Rivers stage act, to VH-1’s Rotten TV (featuring Johnny Rotten), to a monthly magazine column for Campus Activities Today (distributed to 4,000 colleges nationwide). As a television writer & producer, he has developed comedy for Spike-TV, World Theatre, and Infinity Broadcasting. He also created hu

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Steven Kent McFarlin

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