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Layne Carson

I grew up in the foster care system until I aged out at eighteen. For the most part, I got lucky with the families I was placed with, and they encouraged me to follow my dreams of having a career as a lawyer. When I meet the Blazing Outlaws MC, I find two men who immediately capture my attention; Gunner and Venom. Can I breech the barriers surrounding Gunner? Is Venom strong enough to weather the storm heading our way?

Danny 'Gunner' Jones

I've given my heart away once and got screwed over. Now, all I want is my club and the vast array of variety in women from the house bunnies or the women who want a night on the wild side. Because other than one night, a woman doesn't get more from me. The only exception are the house bunnies because they know the score. Until Layne. Can I lower my defenses for her enough? Or are we destined to fail before anything begins?

Treyton 'Venom' Adams

Living in the clubhouse of the Blazing Outlaws, I have my family surrounding me on a daily basis and women throwing themselves at me. That's not what I want though. I want to find love, happiness, and someone to give me children. The complete opposite of Gunner. We share our women and I want to settle down with him and a woman of our choosing. Can I get past the loss we suffer as a trio? Or will I push the two most important people in my life away permanently?

24 August
Erin Osborne

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