Learning Japanese

Voices of Experience

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Publisher Description

This book has been written for people who are learning Japanese in classes and independently, and for teachers of Japanese. It offers practical ideas on how to learn Japanese and what to learn through the experiences of those who have become users of the language. Many of the learning stories in the book are about the rich and enticing ways the various authors have learned and used Japanese at home and in Japan. The authors are diverse in age and background and have learned both in classrooms and while using the language. Some of the stories in the book span the learning histories of the authors. Others focus on an aspect of the language or the personal changes which took place through using it.

You will also read tips on learning Japanese from our perspectives as teachers, learners and users of Japanese. We elaborate on topics raised in the stories and address questions such as, ‘What do you need to know that isn’t taught in class?’, ‘How do you keep up momentum?’, and ‘How do you use language in a way that expresses who you are as a person?’. We share knowledge and advice about learning Japanese that we believe will help learners to shape their own learning activities and experiences in a positive way. We talk about the emotional side to learning and the ins-and-outs of interacting using Japanese.

This volume is also essential reading for teachers of Japanese. The stories show teachers how Japanese is drawn into the lives of learners. They detail the enthusiasm and apprehensions of learners, and connect the students that teachers know in the classroom with the people they are outside it. The stories also remind us that learning Japanese is highly individual, and that it is much more than the sum of the various parts that can be taught. The language, locations, the times and the social aspects of using Japanese give form to the unique lives of learners. These stories will cause teachers to reflect on their role in nurturing learning independence beyond the classroom.

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23 February
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