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I don't know of a single Executive Education business or training organisation who would not get some type of improvement by using the strategies in this book.
Contrary to media coverage, growing your Executive Education business or any type of training business for that matter is not down to magic or superhuman business acumen.
It has everything to do with understanding the way your customers think, out-thinking your competitors and combining a stream of innovative courses, services and messages into an unbeatable value proposition. This book gives you the ammunition to rapidly boost your competitive advantage, leading to increased bookings for courses and development programmes virtually overnight.
This book shows you:
How to take control of your results
Why you should rely on your intuition to understand your industry
12 ways to write winning headlines and subject lines
Why emails must be under 30 seconds long
How to get more clicks from SEO without increasing your rankings
Slash your Pay per Click costs and get more quality prospects
The type of content marketing that works
Why you won't need to create content from scratch
The lead generation system that outperforms your website by 1600%
How to choose your markets and make growth easy
billion strategy levers
6 Rapid Business Multipliers you can apply right away
The Significance of A/B Split Testing for breakthrough performance
Why you need more than marketing skills to succeed - 5 management tools for you
Where to target your efforts in social media marketing
Plus much more..

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January 15
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