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If you lovel angel series, this is a must read!

Lee's Lesson is a mesmerizing and mystical tale about The Chosen recruited to fight in a six thousand year war between Angels and Demons.

Lee Campbell learns a secret that will change her life. A messenger from the heavenly realm appears revealing her true nature hidden since birth opening the floodgates of supernatural powers only read about in the ancient text sending her on a dark and twisted quest to save innocent souls from Hades.

Harry Glenn is Lee's best friend's brother. She falls hard for him as a teenager when he is sent overseas to fight in the Korean War. He returns on the same day Lee meets her warrior angel, and the day she graduates from college. His good looks and boyish charm reignites her flame but loving Harry places him in mortal danger.

Harry is the love of Lee's life, but doesn't believe what's happening to her and considers she's losing grip on reality. One visit from a fierce-looking angel makes Harry a believer in the supernatural, and he joins Lee on her quest.

Love, Life, and Souls are on the line at Sacred Heights Sanatorium, a place taken over by Luc's Army of The Fallen. Lee, along with the Angel Armed Forces time walks on chords of life through a portal on the fourth-floor towers entering Hades breaching Luc's stronghold unleashing an epic battle for the innocent souls. Lee leads the charge risking everything, including her soul to save one of her own.

Will Lee succeed in her mission or succumb to the pits of hell?

Fiction & Literature
September 10
D. F. Jones

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